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  • Tie up with Tirupur Pandit Hosiery Mills Pvt Ltd for bulk production
    • Shareholder of Puma mills an all over Rotary print – printing unit – a unit of Tirupur Pandit Hosiery Mills Pvt Ltd
    • Shareholder in Thai International Dying Unit – a unit of Jubilee Tex group of companies Tie up with Jubilee Tex for bulk production

Jubliee TEX

“JUBILEE TEX & ESA CLOTHING COMPANY” as one among   the Leading Garment Manufacturing and Exporting Company situated at Tirupur with high potential to serve and cater to the needs of the Quality conscious customers. Their parent company was established in the year 1968 catering to the Indian domestic market.  In the year 1989 their export division in the name   of JUBILEE TEX was established with full focus on the export market. With a steady growth in business with new company in the name of ESA CLOTHING COMPANY was started in 2004 with wide focus on the Branded labels, Stores and importers all over Europe & U.S.

 Main focus is on the Babies, Children’s, Women’s Men’s Wear market as this has been prime product line since the day one of their export   business.    We are capable of doing quantity ranging from 1,000pcs and more.

 Knitting Division consists of the Latest set   of Single Jersey & Rib Knitting Machine Imported from Taiwan & Italy. We can Knit Fabrics like – Single Jersey, Heavy Jersey, Fleece and   Pique.  All   Machines    are fitted    with   Spandex    Attachments.  Apart from this their Machines   are   made   with 4 feeders / Inch which   help   in   getting bigger stripes width without going in for  an    Auto   Striper   machines.  

They have 9 Knitting Machines   Die Range From 20,22,24,26,28,30(3 m/c) & 34 with Production Capacity of 4000 Kgs / day based on the Fabric Structure. Processing mill situated in Perineuria (SIPCOT), 30 mins   Drive   from   TIRUPUR   which has a Production Capacity of 5 Tons/Day. From “Dyeing to Finishing” with individual ETP that is approved by Pollution Control Board of India for “ZERO DISCHARGE” System.  Products are made with Eco-Friendly System.

They have in-house Computerized Color Matching facility with “RiteCi7800 Spectrophotometer” and Macbeth Judge II (D65/T84) Viewing Booth. 

Printing Division have 3 fully Automatic Printing m/c Imported from Turkey & Austria and 8 No’s of Manual Printing   m/c which Print Up to 12 Colors can. They are specialized in Water Base, Soft Touch Pigment, Hi-Density, Puff, Foil, and Glowing Dark, Reflective, and Discharge& Flock Prints with the Production Capacity of 20000 Pcs /day.  This unit also has an In-house Designing and the screen making section which also helps in quick turnaround time for Sampling and Bulk Production.

And also have “VIABLE USA” LASER Cutting machine to do the applique cutting. They have In-house Testing Lab to reach our Customers. Requirements   as   per   Standards of AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) & ISO Standards.

Production   peoples   are   well   experienced, talented and have been there  since a very long time. They also keep a very good control over the product with a good garmenting feel. There is well Qualified QA Team to Keep Monitoring  Products in all stages to ensure the Quality needs of all Customers.

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